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Email Post to a Friend: Why You Should Add Plants to Your Home for National Houseplant Appreciation Day

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It's impossible to overstate all the benefits that houseplants bring into our lives. And with National Houseplant Appreciation Day coming right up on January 10, our real estate agents are here to sing the praises of indoor greenery. 

Whether your houseplants of choice are frilly ferns, spikey snake plants, vibrant orchids, or low-maintenance cacti, there's no denying that a little greenery adds a lot of life to your living space. These are just a few of the benefits houseplants provide: 

  • Plants Can Boost Your Mood
    Having plants around just makes people happy. This study from 2015 showed that interaction with indoor plants reduced psychological and physiological stress among young adults. 

  • They Can Also Boost Your Productivity
    As Time Magazine reported, studies have shown that employees who work in offices with lots of plants often feel better about their jobs, take fewer sick days, and are generally more productive. That's a great reason to take a plant or two with you to work, but the same logic applies to your home, especially if you work remotely all or part of the time. 

  • Plants May Help You Sleep
    Healthy oxygen levels are important for getting a good night's rest, as this study on supplemental oxygen during sleep demonstrates. And if there's one thing plants are good at, it's making oxygen! Areca palm, snake plant, aloe vera, and pothos are among the houseplants that produce the most oxygen and even continue to do so after the sun goes down at night.
  • Plants Can Improve Indoor Air Quality
    All houseplants create oxygen, but some, including English Ivy and asparagus fern, actually help clean and purify the air we breathe. Many plants also add moisture to the air, which can make being indoors feel a lot more comfortable during the dry winter months. Good humidifying houseplants include the most common varieties of palms and ferns.
  • Some Plants Provide Allergy Relief
    Houseplants have been shown to reduce the amount of airborne dust in living spaces. They do this by trapping dust as it settles on the plants' leaves and by releasing moisture, which combines with dust particles to make them heavier and settle to the ground more quickly. The most effective plants are those with fuzzy or hairy leaves, like bear paw jade and angel's hair artemisia, and those that emit the most moisture, like a spider plant and peace lily. 

  • Many Herbs Have Health Benefits
    Keeping a living herb garden in your kitchen is a great way to enliven your space while also keeping tasty herbs handy for cooking at all times. And many of the herbs you can grow at home have real health benefits. Mint has been shown to be good for digestion, while basil is anti-inflammatory for many people. Sage may improve memory and brain function, and rosemary contains rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to suppress allergic responses and reduce nasal congestion. 

At this point, the benefits of houseplants are scientifically proven. Of course, before you can fill your house with plants, you need to find the right home for them! That's where we come in. We're here to help you find the perfect Bradenton homes for sale and Sarasota homes for sale.

Contact us today to learn more about life in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. If you're ready to find your dream home on the Florida Gulf Coast, we're here to help every step of the way. 

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